Benefits of Aerodam 360

1st and main: Eliminates the aerosol produced by the turbines and the cross contamination due to them.

The main advantage should never be lost sight of: if we can control aerosol-borne diseases, a current concern of the dentist, staff and patients, small changes in habit in the way of working will always be well tolerated.

2nd: Aerodam360 is not cheap; it saves money.

As it can be sterilized a minimum of 300 times, the cost per use is negligible.
Apart from that, while the dentist works without the help of an assistant (holding the HVE suction cannula), he can perform other tasks saving time, and therefore money.

3rd: Aerodam360 is a lightweight device.

They are difficult to overcome their scarce 10 grams of weight.
The contra-angle with its micromotor and its hose is heavier than the set of turbine, Aerodam360 and thick corrugated suction hose resting on the patient.
Aerodam360 is even lighter when using a narrow corrugated hose.
If the equipment has vinyl hoses and their owner does not want to replace them with EVA or similar ones, Aerodam360 + turbine will continue to be lighter than the contra-angle if used with the narrow hose, and they can have zero weight with the thick vinyl hose if the product instructions are followed (self-supporting of the assembly in a neutral position thanks to the hose itself, supporting the hose by an assistant).

4th: Eliminate different types of aerosol.

Naturally when we mill enamel or dentin, but also when:

We remove or retouch amalgams
. Mercury vapors are absorbed with the same solvency.

Retouching acrylic provisionals
. Both inside and outside the mouth. Untimely dust leaks that appear when touching up out of the mouth are reduced even with High Volume Side Vacuum (HVE).

We use the air-water syringe
. The air-water syringe is an aerosol generating element that can be controlled using Aerodam360 as a conventional cannula, with the difference that the nozzle of the spray syringe can be directed through its anterior ring with direct vision of the area to be spray, eliminating aerosol and minimizing spatter.

5th: Minimize splashes on the patient’s face.

At a time when patient satisfaction is essential, avoiding splashes on the patient’s face is importantl.

6th: Minimize splashes on the professional’s screen.

One of the advantages most valued by professionals is the great reduction of splashes on their protection screens, another confirmation of the effectiveness of the system.

7th: The patient does not perceive it:

Due to its small size, Aerodam360 is not perceived by the patient as an added discomfort, contrary to the invasive perception of wide surgical suction cannulas or other aerosol evacuation systems. It is one of the advantages most valued by patients: Aerodam360 has been designed to have maximum efficiency with minimum size.

8th: Give security to the dentist:

Let us take responsibility only for our actions: when we work with four hands we must take responsibility for accidents caused by collisions with cannulas operated by the assistant, or recurrent obstructions to vision caused by them.
With Aerodam360 we have all the control.

9th: Where the turbine arrives, the turbine arrives with Aerodam360:

Aerodam360 has been designed so that it does not interfere with the opposing arch. As the button on the turbine head protrudes through the hole in the anterior ring of the device, it is this that will come into contact with the upper arch as it penetrates towards the bottom of the oral cavity.

10th: Improves turbine control:

The discreet increase in thickness that Aerodam360 adds to the back of the turbine increases precision in rotational movements about its longitudinal axis.

11th It is versatile:

Prepared to be coupled to the vast majority of turbines on the market (see box range, instructions or website).
Prepared to meet the two great aspiration standards on the market (Dürr and Cattani).
Prepared with its coupler to fit into 11mm narrow hose terminal.