The latest technology in suction and aerosol control

The aerodam advanced aerosol suction system is a turbine device that prevents the negative effects of aerosol. Aerodam sucks in aerosol particles and effectively removes them through the suction hose.

against viruses and bacteria compared to turbines that do not use aerodam

Super compact, for greater user
and patient comfort

Made with quality materials that guarantee a large number of services

Discover here all the advantages of Aerodam 360

360º Action Technology

The innovative design creates a 360° suction stream around the turbine head, trapping the aerosol in a continuous toroidal vortex.

In this way, Aerodam is able to trap over 99% of aerosol particles*, compared to a turbine without any type of protection.

*according to our own study

Easy and convenient to use

Unlike other systems, Aerodam is easy to install. Simply connect the suction hose to the end of the Aerodam and then attach the assembly to your turbine until you hear a “click”.

Its small size allows the turbine to be operated inside the patient’s mouth with just one hand and without the help of a third party.

And because it is so compact, there is no additional discomfort for the patient.

Compatible turbine specifications:

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Single price of: 99,90 Euros (VAT not included)

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