Aerodam360 is ergonomically designed so that your grip control is total.

In any of them. In addition, the increase in thickness that occurs on the back of the turbine neck improves precision in rotational movements around the axis of the turbine handle.

You will be able to reach on occlusal faces as far as your naked turbine reaches. The button on its head will touch the opposing wheels before Aerodam360

The Aerodam360 suction slot has an upward slope of 15º with respect to the lower surface of the turbine head. That is why your line of sight is respected.

Sometimes you have to place the equipment lamp in a position more favorable to your line of sight, although the problem is solved with a light turbine.

The patient does not detect Aerodam360 and also saves a thick suction cannula inside his mouth.

In the meantime I will dedicate to other tasks that save you time and consequently money.

On the one hand, the patient will continue to produce saliva, and on the other, the spray produces drops in its interaction with the Tissues, which must be eliminated by the ejector.

Aerodam360 connected to turbine and suction is lighter than a contra-angle with electric motor. We recommend using corrugated hose, which is lighter and more flexible.

If you want even more lightness, connect a narrow hose with the 11 mm adapter .. If it is corrugated, even better.

If you persist in your fidelity to the thick vinyl hose, the set can have zero weight if the product’s instructions sheet is followed (self-supporting of the set in a neutral position thanks to the hose itself, support of the hose by the assistant).

Good question! Aerodam’s suction spreads 360º and does not deflect the aerosol beam. & Nbsp; First it cools, and in just over a millisecond it rebounds and is absorbed.

By definition, aerosols are particles smaller than 100 microns that can travel through the air for hours. You can also remove them by retouching an acrylic or removing an amalgam. If they are aerosols, Aerodam360 removes them.

No. They are particles larger than 100 microns with greater inertia, ballistic behavior, and without danger for the transmission of airborne diseases such as COVID 19 (particles greater than 100 microns cannot be inhaled). Aerodam360 optimizes splash control by following the recommendations in the instruction sheet.