Aerodam 360 Action

99,90  VAT not included

360º advanced suction system for aerosol control

Aerodam 360 is the latest innovation in aspiration systems for aerosol control in turbines.

Aerodam 360 helps to control the environmental contamination produced by the dispersion of aerosols during the patient’s intervention, minimizing the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria. An essential accessory for all those clinics that intend to offer the maximum guarantees of safety and hygiene to their patients and their staff.

Aerodam 360 is comfortable and effective, thanks to its compact design and the demanding tests it has undergone. Aerodam 360 has been manufactured with high quality materials to guarantee great durability, resisting 300 autoclave sterilizations.

An adapter is included with the purchase of each Aerodam 360 that also allows it to be attached to the suction hose with 11 mm mouth.

* Aerodam 360 adapts to the vast majority of turbines on the market. Even so, before purchasing it, we advise taking into account the specifications that the turbines must meet for use with Aerodam 360:

especificaciones de turbinas